– 8\2015 “A Possibility of Violence” on the KRIMI-ZEIT 10 best crime novels in Germany!

“Die Möglichkeit eines Verbrechens”, the German translation of “A Possibility of Violence”, the second Avraham novel, is included in the prestigious KRIMI-ZEIT list of the 10 best crime novels in Germany (see the full list here). The list, published monthly in DIE ZEIT magasin, is chosen by crime experts and lovers from all around Germany. It’s the 2nd time that a novel in the series in included in KRIMIZEIT, after “Vermisst” (“The Missing File”) was a part of it for 3 consecutive months.

“Die Möglichkeit eines Verbrechens”, translated by Markus Lemke, was published in July 2015 by Zsolnay, an imprint of Hanser Verlag.


– 5\2015 Excellent early reviews for “The Man who wanted to know”, the third Avraham novel

“The Man who wanted to know”, the new Avraham novel published earlier this week in Hebrew (by Achuzat Bayit), is recieved with raving reviews. “Mishani weaves the story with perfect style”, wrote today Talma Admon in Israel’s weekly magazine MAARIV, “but beyond his superb skills in plot-contruction he bases the story on his great sensitivity to the human soul“.

Yesterday, literary critic Ran Binun wrote in Israel’s leading newspaper, Yediot Ahronot: “In a country with truly a few successful crime series, Dror Mishani’s novels are a literary mircale, and each new novel in the Inspector Avraham series is a celebration for the readers. This is true for the third novel as well”. Earlier this week Anat Bar-Lev Efrati praised the novel in LAISHA women’s magazine: “Mishani did it again (…) Like the first two novels in the series, he wrote a clever thriller that you read very very quickly but that once you’ve finished, you can’t forget”.

cover dror

– 5\2015 “The Man who wanted to know”, the third Avraham novel, is now out in Hebrew!

“The man who wanted to know”, a sequel to Dror A. Mishani’s international bestsellers, “The Missing File” and “A Possibility of Violence“, is now out in Hebrew (published by Achuzat Bayit).

And this is what the back cover can reveal about the new investigation:

“The man who wanted to know”, the third Avraham novel, is the most daring in this acclaimed crime series so far. Called on a stormy day to his first murder scene as the new commander of investigations, Avraham is astounded to discover he knows the victim: a middle-aged woman who had been assaulted in the past. His only lead is an eyewitness claiming he saw a policeman going down the building’s staircase a few minutes after the murder.

Eager to solve his first murder case, Avraham is determined to follow this lead even though it puts him in conflict with the entire police force. It’ll take him to another strange crime scene, with only an umbrella as a clue, and then to Mazal Bengtson – a young woman who doesn’t know anything about the murder yet is to change everything Avraham thought about the case.

Told through the alternating perspectives of Inspector Avraham and a woman fighting to be freed of her tortured past, “The man who wanted to know” is a haunting investigation of marital life gone wrong, and at the same a heart-breaking story of enduring love, endangered by death and unthinkable desire.

I hope you’ll all be able to read it in other languages soon!

– 3\2015 See you at the Quais Du Polar in Lyon

This weekend I’ll be attending the Quais du Polar, one of the most exciting crime fiction festivals in the world, taking place every year in Lyon (27-29 March). The festival’s program is here and I look forward to meeting you there!


– 3\2015 A big day for Inspector Avraham in France!

It’s a big day for Inspector Avraham Avraham: “La Violence en embuscade”, the second novel in the series, is published today in French (by Editions du Seuil), while the first, “Une disparition inquietante”, is out in Poche format (Points). Both novels are translated by a true master: Laurence Sendrowicz. Merci Laurence!

embuscade poche

– 1\2015 The first Avraham novel now available in Spanish too

The first Avraham novel, “The Missing File”, is available now in Spanish too. It’s published by Ediciones Destino, translated by Marta Alicia Lapides Sercovich, and is called “Expediente de desaparicion”. disfrutar!

cover spain

– 11\2014  “A Possibility of Violence” in the Guardian’s best crime novels round-up

“A Possibility of Violence”, the second Avraham novel (Translated by Todd Hasak-Lowy; Published by Quercus) appears in Laura Wilson’s best crime novels round-up in today’s issue of the Guardian. “With a refreshingly average and self-doubting protagonist, A Possibility of Violence is both tense and touching”, writes Wilson, “(… and) definitely lives up to the promise of its excellent predecessor, The Missing File”. Read the full review here


– 11\2014  “The Missing File” shortlisted for the WIZO prize for Jewish litearture in the Netherlands 

The Dutch translation of “The Missing File”, the first Avraham novel (“De Verdwenen Zoon”; Translaed by Ruben Verhsselt and published by De Bezige Bij Antwerp), is shortlisted for the Wizo prize for Jewish litearture in the Netherlands. The winner of the prestigious prize will be announced on 2015, and the other novels on the shortlist are by writers Etgar Keret, Yasmina Reza, Assaf Gavron, Joanna Rakoff and Karin Tuil. In 2014 the award-winner was Israeli novelist Amos Oz. To read more press here.


– 10\2014  “The Missing File” was awarded with the Adei Wizo prize for Jewish litearture in Italy

The first Avraham novel, “The Missing File” (In Italian: “Un Caso di Scomparsa”; Translated by Elena Loewenthal and published by Guanda), was awarded with the Adei Wizo prize for Jewish literature in Italy. The ceremony was held in the Biblioteca Palatina in Parma on October 30th. Here you can find a short Italian TV news piece on the prize and the ceremony:—telegiornale/consegnato-allo-scrittore-israeliano-dror-mishani


– 9\2014  “A Possibility of Violence” now available in Poland, the Netherlands and the UK!

 “A Possibility of Violence”, the second Avraham novel, is now available in Polish and Dutch translations – and in the UK too.

In Poland the novel is published with Mroczna Seria (Serie noire) under the name “Mozliwosc przemocy”, in the Netherlans with De Bezige Bij Antwerp under the name “De Verdenking” – and in the UK with Quercus.

mozliwosc untitled de verdenking -

– 6\2014 Excellent early reviews for “A Possibility of Violence” (Published in the US July 1st)

 “A Possibility of Violence”, the second Avraham novel, will be published in the US on July 1st (HarperCollins; Translated by Todd Hasak-Lowy), and is already recieved by excellent (starred) reviews. PW called it “a stellar seuqel”, claiming that “Mishani makes good use of his study of the genre to create another psychologically complex case, in the process deepening his lead character”.  Kirkus, in another starred review, argues that the novel is “tense yet heartfelt (…) and even more riveting than Mishani’s debut”. And the latest is from Library Journal: “An exceptional police procedural that should appeal to mystery lovers of all types”.

novel us

– 6\2014 Read the opening speech in the Jerusalem international writers festival

A few days ago I read this speech in the opening ceremony of the Jerusalem internationl writers festival (I represented the Israeli writers while Jake Wallis Simons represented the guests). Now, as it appeared in, you’re invited to read it here too.

photo taken from Haaretz .com (Kobi Bohadana and Naama Garson)

photo taken from Haaretz .com (Kobi Bohadana and Naama Garson)

– 6\2014 The first Avraham novel – now in Catalan too

“Cas Obert”, the Catalan translation of the first Avraham novel, is now available. The novel was translated by Roser Lluch Oms and was published by RBA in the noir series, LA NEGRA.


– 5\2014 The Martin Beck award was given to the first Avraham novel in Sweden

“Utsudade Spar”, the Swedish translation of the first Avraham novel (translated by Nils Larsson and published by Brombergs), was awarded with the Martin Beck award – the best crime novel translated to Swedish – yesterday in Sundsvall, Sweden. The award is given by the Swedish academy of crime writers every year since 1971.

And here’s the thank-you speech, recorded in Tel Aviv:

– 4\2014 Wonderful reception for “Une Disparition inquietante” in France

“Une Disparition inquietante”, the first Avraham novel, has been published in France in March (Seuil; Traduction: Laurence Sendrowicz) and is recieving wonderful reviews in the French press. The Swiss daily La liberte is impressed with the “final unsettling twist that subverses the rules of the classic investigation novel”; The Belgian daily Le soir has crowned it the “the new voice of the Israeli crime novel” and Les Echos has dedicated three reviews to the novel, claiming that “Dror Mishani marvelously handles the art of suspense”.  According to Le Monde, “Une Disparition Inquietnate” is “a brilliant investigation, full of false leads”.

And you can read a French interview for SLATE.FR here.

paris book2

– 4\2014 “Mistanke om Vold” and “Din Nabos Son” in Krimimessen 2014

On April 5-6, in Fængslet – the intriguing Old State Penitentiary in Horsens, Denmark – fans of Scandinavian crime fiction will gather for the annual Krimimessen, Denmark’s crime fiction festival that is held every year right before Easter. This year the festival will host writers and novels from around the world, including Israeli writer Dror Mishani and his two first novels in the Avraham series: “The Missing File” and “A Possibility of Violence” (recently translated to Danish as “Mistanke om Vold”).

You can find the full program here.


– 4\2014 “Mistanke om Vold”, the first translation of the second Avraham novel, is published in Denmark

The second Avraham novel, “A Possibility of Violence”, will be published in English only in the summer of 2014 but it is now already available in Danish. “Mistanke om Vold” is translated by Hans Henrik Fafner and Rivka Uzan Fafner and published by Gyldendal.

Next week I’ll attend the excellent Danish crime fiction festival KRIMIMESSEN (5-6 April, in Horsens) and will meet my Danish readers in Copenhagen too, in an evening with Sweidh writer Joachim Zander (April 4th).


– 4\2014 “Naboens sønn”, the Norwegian translation of the first Avraham novel, is published

“Naboens sønn”, the Norwegian translation of the first Avraham novel, is published this week in Norway. The novel was translated by Kjell Risvik and is published by Gyldendal Norsk. And the first reviews are great: “A Far above avergae debut crime novel from Israel”, writes the Dagens Naeringsliv.


– 3\2014 “Une Disparition inquietante”, the French edition of the first Avraham novel, is out today

“Une Disparition inquietante”, The French translation of the first Avraham novel, is out today in France. The novel was translated by Laurence Sendrowicz and is published by Seuil Policiers.

frnace cover

– 2\2014 “The Missing File” is out in paperback and reviewed in the Irish Times

“The Missing File”, The first Avraham novel, is out in paperback this month in the US, Canada (HarperCollins) and in the UK (Quercus). And Irish crime writer Declan Burke recieves it on the Irish Times: “A subversive take on the standard police procedural with ruminations on the crime novel itself, cross-referencing the work of Agatha Christie and Stieg Larsson with that of Kafka and Dostoevsky (…) With its finely crafted plot constantly confounding expectations, The Missing File marks D. A Mishani out as a writer to watch”.

Read the full review here.

– 1\2014 “A Possibility of Violence” on Sapir prize’s shortlist

“A Possibility of Violence”, The second Avraham novel (published in Hebrew by Keter Books, May 2013. To be published in English and other languages in 2014), is on the shortlist for the prestigious Sapir Prize, also called the Israeli Booker .  It is the first crime novel to appear on the shortlist in the history of the prize. The winner will be announced during a ceremony in Tel Aviv on February 5th and here is a trailer for the novel, made by Israeli channel 2, which will broadcast the event (Hebrew only).

– 1\2014 “The Missing File” is one of The Chronicle Herald’s marvellous mysteries of 2013

The Canadian Chronicle Herald chose “The Missing File”, the English translation of the first Avraham novel, to his marvellous mysteries list of 2013, with novels such as “A Delicate Truth” by John Le Carre and “The Gost riders of Ordebec” by Fred Vargas. “Missing person novels have been de rigueur since the runaway success of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl”, writes the Chronicle’s Joann Alberstat, “but Mishani’s dark and somber debut provides a twist on the theme”. Maybe these mysteries will keep North American readers warm in this very cold weekend.

– 12\2013 “The Missing File” is one of Guardian’s best crime novels of 2013

“The Missing File”, the English translation of the first Avraham novel (translated by Steven Cohen and published in the UK by Quercus), is among the Guardian’s best crime novels of 2013, alongside “Norwegian by Night” by Derek B. Miller, Roger Hobbs’s “Ghostman” and ASA Harrison’s “The Silent Wife”. “An Assured debut, with a wholly unexpected resolution”, writes Guardian’s Laura Wilson.


– 11\2013 “Utsuddade Spar”, the Swedish translation of the first Avraham novel, wins the Martin Beck award!

“Utsuddade Spar”, The swedish translation of the first Avraham novel (Brombergs Bokforlag; translated by Nils Larsson), is the winner of the 2013 Martin Beck award, the best translated crime novel in Sweden. The prestigious award was announced yesterday by the Swedish Academy of Crime Fiction (Svenska Deckarakademin).

“Utsuddade Spar” is the first Israeli novel to win the Beck award. Among the previous winners of the prize (given since 1971) are John Le Carre, Sebastian Japrisot, Karin Fossum, Arnaldur Indriadsson, Deon Meyer, Denise Mina and Peter Robinson.


– 11\2013 “A Possibility of Violence”, the second Avraham novel, longlisted for the Sapir Prize

“A Possibility of Violence”, The second Avraham novel (published in Hebrew by Keter Books, May 2013. To be published in English in 2014), is on the longlist for the prestigious Sapir Prize (The Israeli Booker). “The Missing File” appeared on the longlist in 2012 – the first time for a crime novel in the history of the prize. “A Possibility of Violence” is the second. The shortlist will be announced on November 24th – and the winner of the prize in February 2014. 


 – 10\2013 The Swedish translation of the first Avraham novel, “Utsuddade Spar”, shortlisted for the best crime novel translated to Swedish 

The Swedish crime fiction academy has announced the shortlist for the best Swedish crime novel of the year and the best novel in Translation. “Utsuddade Spar”, translated by Nils Larsson and published by Brombergs, is nominated for the prestigious prize (also known as the Martin Beck award) alongside Jo Nesbo, Gillian Flynn, Ferdinand Von Schirach and S. J. Bolton. The winners will be announced on November 23rd.


– 10\2013 VERMISST, the German translation of the first Avraham novel, is on the KRIMI-ZEIT 10 most important crime novels in Germany list for the third month in a row  

After August and September, The novel was chosen again for the October list of the magazine DIE ZEIT, that praised it as “highly sophisticated, Impressive debut”.

 – 10\2013 The first Avraham novel is now available in Dutch and Romanian too 

The Dutch edition of the novel, DE VERDWENEN ZOON (translated by Ruben Verhasselt), is published by De Bezige Bij Antwerp; The Romanian edition, DISPARITIA (translated by Luminita Gavrila) is published by TREI.

You can already read the first Dutch interview, with Maryse Vincken, here.

belgium romania

– 9\2013 Excellent reviews for the first Avraham novel upon publication in Sweden and Poland

In the Polish Gazetta Prawna Piotr Kofta writes: “Mishani’s debut is one of the most interesting we saw lately”; In the Swedish Gefle Dagblad writes Anders Wennberg: “Dror Mishani writes in a low voice, but oh, so well. I agree with Henning Mankell’s words: Impressing!”

And then it’s a great honor  to be reviewd In Dast Magazine by Swedish crime writer Jean Bolinder, who writes this: “Every year, I read hundreds of translated crime novels. They may be bad, they can be incredibly good, but they are all fairly similar. It’s rare that you find something truly original. This is such a novel. It crawls under your skin and stays there for a long time”.

(And thanks Nils Larsson, my translator to Swedish, with these reviews:)

swedish cover

 – 9\2013 “Vermisst”, The German edition of the first Avraham novel, is on the Krimi-Zeit 10 most important thrillers in German for September too!


Visit the publishers website here:

– 9\2013 The First Avraham novel is now available in Polish and Swedish too!

Visit the publishers websites: Brombergs Forlag for the Swedish edition ( and W.A.B for the polish (

swedish cover polish cover

8\2013 “Vermisst”, the German edition of “The Missing File”, is on the August Krimi-Zeit list – the 10 best crime novels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, chosen by Die Zeit Magazine!


– 8\2013 “The Missing File” is one of ten excellent International thrillers on the Barnes and Noble review summer list.

6\2013 “The Missing File” is shortlisted for the 2013 CWA International Dagger award!


– 1 \2014 “I was writing this book for 37 years” – An interview in Romanian (and English) with Christina Frincu for


– 10\2013 “Detectives can be wrong” – An interview in Polish with Beata Zatonska for TVP about “Chlopiec, ktory zaginal”

 polish cover

 – 9\2013 My first interview in Dutch – A conversation with Maryse Vincken for DE SCRIPTOR  

 8\2013 “Traue Keinem Ermittler!” – An interview (in both German and English) with Lars Schafft for 

 – 8\2013 On the trail of an unknown country – An interview with Guido Caldiron, Il Manifesto (Italian)

5\2013 The big mystery: Dror Mishani on why Israelis don’t write crime novels – An interview with Ayelett Shani, HAARETZ WEEKLY MAGAZINE (English)

haaretz image

4\2013 The Trustful Detective: A Q&A With An Israeli Crime Novelist – An interview with Lidia jean Kott, NPR (English)

– 3\2013 Men at Work: PW Talks with D.A. Mishani – An interview with Lenny Picker, Publishers Weekly (English)


– Dror Mishani reads from “The Missing File” (Hebrew)

– Dror Mishani in an interview on Rai3 Farenheit – July 2013 (Hebrew and Italian)


2 Comments on “News

  1. Toutes mes félicitations, cher Dror pour ce prestigieux prix Martin Beck!!
    j’attends avec impatience la version française
    je t’embrasse

  2. Hello Mr. Mishani. I have just finished second book after a good friend referred the first one to me and both were FANTASTIC. In the second book you referred to TONDU which is the working class area I grew up in South Wales!! One of the things I enjoyed in the book was the fact that ordinary people’s lives in Israel,both the good and bad are no different to everyone else. On a personal level my grandfather who was coalminer during the depression was employed by a jewish businessman in his valley,and at age of 4 had small toy which was exceptional in 1948. My grandparents were the only ‘gentiles’ in his sons wedding reception after marriage in south wales in 1950/60’s. Please continue writing as it gives great pleasure to all people. Regards Howell Morgan

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