A Possibility of Violence

The second Avraham novel  (Published in Israel in 2013; To be published in other languages in 2014)

In every investigation there is a moment when it seems that the picture would never clear up. The details are too many, too strange, too far apart – like people sitting on a seashore. But after a while, the links emerge, the view becomes clear. Suddenly, in the darkness, a new point comes alight and illuminates the rest; details seem different, gather meaning, join up. What appeared far away turns up close. This time there was a small suitcase with an explosive device and a man that fled the scene, limping. A telephone warning by a female voice: “the suitcase was only the beginning”. A woman that flew to the Philippines but wasn’t on board any plane. A father of two who was running away although nobody chased him. And a police Inspector determined to save the innocent and the helpless this time.           

A Possibility of Violence, the second novel in the Israeli crime series that gained unprecedented international success, is a story of Inspector Avraham’s attempt to redeem himself from the trauma of his first investigation, through a case even more deceiving and hideous; and it is the story of a father on the run, desperately trying to save his children from something he dares not reveal.


Reviews of “A Possibility of Violence” (International)

– “The freshness of Mishani’s novel comes from its striking locale (…) and from the way the story is told through alternating points of view” (Wall street Journal, US)

– “An exceptional police procedural that should appeal to mystery lovers of all types” (Library Journal, US)

– “Tense yet heartfelt, Mishani’s second Avraham entry is even more riveting than his debut” (Kirkus, starred review)

– “A stellar sequel (…) Mishani makes good use of his study of the genre to create another psychologically complex case,
in the process deepening his lead character” (PW, starred review)

– “With a refreshingly average and self-doubting protagonist, A Possibility of Violence is both tense and touching (… ) definitely lives up to the promise of its excellent predecessor, The Missing File” (Laura Wilson, Best crime novels round-up, The Guardian, UK)

– “Compelling (…) Mishani has published a welcome sequel” (Jake Kerridge, The Telegraph, UK)

– “Morally complex and psychologically convincing, A Possibility Of Violence is a terrifying and disturbing psychological drama” (Russel D Mclean,  Herald Scotland, UK)

– “An engaging narrative, seen through the eyes of a young and perceptive Detective, one with a long future in the crime fiction genre. In two words, Highly Recommended” (Shots Magazine, UK)

– “Mishani is at his best presenting the psychology of interrogation from both sides, and the book’s satisfactions as crime fiction stem from the unfurling drama of guilt admitted” (Cameron Woodhead, Sidney Morning Herald, Australia)

– “Close to perfection” (Fred Braeckman, De Morgen, Netherlands)

– “Dror Mishani is one of the greatest new writers in the genre, with a literary language and great human insight” (Erik Jensen, Politiken, Denmark)

– “Mishani wrote a detective novel that has everything: power, style, empathy, plot, emotion” (Knack magazine, Belgium)

Reviews of “A Possibility of Violence” (Israel)

 Haaretz, Culture and Literature supplement  – The readers of Mishani’s novel will derive from it that unique “unheimlich” pleasure, already mixed with pain (…) they will become more complex human beings.

 Makor Rishon – The novel’s main strength is the portrayal of the emotional grounds from which the crime derives (…) it’s been a long time since I enjoyed a thriller that much.

Yediot Ahronot – Mishani’s absolute advantage over other thriller-writers is the fact that his characters stick and don’t leave you (…) and more often than you would like to admit, they make you cry.

 Haaretz Book Review – If while reading the novel, it’s difficult to put it down, then after finishing it, “A Possibility of Violence” really doesn’t let go. Here lie the beauty and strength of Dror Mishani’s new novel. His protagonist, Inspector Avraham, solves crimes – but beneath the police-investigation plot, Avraham is exposed to love. Not only the romantic or the passionate, but the love of a mother and a father.

Laisha – I have not had such an enjoyable weekend for a long time! Yes, Mishani’s novels are thrillers and as such they are excellent, but in both of them there is a lot more than that. They have depth and sensitivity and complexity. I was really emotional when I finished reading A Possibility of Violence, the second novel in the series. If you are looking for a clever, deep and moving thriller that you would not forget five minutes after putting it down, you found it. I impatiently await the third!

Israel Today – Dror Mishani is doing something very good to the Israeli thriller genre: he proves that there is such a thing as a quality, intelligent thriller (…) the story is full of twists, which shake the very ground under the reader’s feet.

Haaretz Weekend Magazine – A beautiful and delicat novel (…) masterpiece of emotional turmoil and restraint.

 Time-Out Magazine – In an attempt to solve and interpret the fascinating story that Dror Mishani tells us in A Possibility of Violence, the second part of his detective’s, Avraham Avraham’s adventures, I almost forgot the main thing: Mishani, with an almost frightening skill, succeeded to shatter the very intimate parts of my soul (…) This is such a difficult task to achieve for a detective story in general and for an Israeli one in particular, that I find it difficult to restrain the superlatives.

 YNET – Mishani is a skilful storyteller and his writing is flowing and fascinating (…) this is a clever, well-written novel and aside from its locality it possesses universal features. Avraham Avraham’s character is interesting and easy to identify with. This second novel in the series is the final proof that a new local literary hero has been born.



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