The Missing File

Winner of the Martin Beck award Winner of the meilleur polar des lecteurs des Points award Shortlisted for the CWA International Dagger award Available in more than 20 languages

The 1st Avraham novel

Sixteen year old Ofer, who left his home in Holon one morning on his way to school, disappeared without leaving a trace. Police inspector Avraham Avraham, guilt-ridden and determined to find the missing boy, is gradually consumed by the frustrating investigation that takes over his life. It seems that the more he finds out about the boy and his life, the further he gets from the truth. And only one man, Ofer’s older neighbor and private teacher Ze’ev Avni, has something to tell him. But will the neighbor’s strange story save the investigation before it’s too late?

“The missing File” is a rare Israeli crime novel. D. A. Mishani depicts suburban Israeli life with outstanding talent and creates an unforgettable character of an extraordinary and yet a completely common detective, in the midst of what seems to be a routine investigation which spins out of control. It’s a true page-turner, whose unexpected resolution forces the readers to change all they took for granted about innocence, guilt and the ways in which truth evades us.

What readers wrote:

“Outstanding first novel” – Publishers Weekly (starred review) (US)

“A compelling debut in a complex case aimed straight at the reader’s heart” – Kirkus reviews (US)

“A thoughtful character study of a good man deeply troubled by issues of innocence and guilt” – Marylin Stasio, NYT book review (US)

“Readers of edgy mysteries set in unusual places will eagerly await the planned sequel” – Richmond Times Dispatch (US)

“Brilliant debut (…) One of the best crime books ever to come from Israel” – Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail (Canada)

“An Assured debut, with a wholly unexpected resolution” – The Guardian’s best crime novels of 2013 (UK)

“A bittersweet story, with a fine twist at the end” – The Daily Mail (UK)

“israel is back on the map of crime fiction!” – Elmar Krekeler, Die Welt (Germany)

“Like Swedish author Arne Dahl, Mishani offers us elegant, efficient and realistic crime fiction” – Tobias Gohlis, Die Zeit (Germany)

“Dror Mishani marvelously handles the art of suspense” – Eve Charrin, Les Echos (France)

“A brilliant investigation, full of false leads” – Macha Sery, Le Monde (France)

“A final unsettling twist that subverses the rules of the classic investigation novel” – La liberte (Switzerland)

“The new voice of the Israeli crime novel” – Le soir (Belgium)

“A psychological drama that goes far beyond the standard thriller plot” – Piotr Kofta, Wprost (Poland)

“A Prmosing debut that avoids the genre’s cliches” – Erik Jensen, Politiken (Denmark)

“Truly original and unique” – Jean Bolinder, Dast Magazine (Sweden)

“A subversive take on the standard police procedural with ruminations on the crime novel” – Declan Burke, The Irish Times  (Ireland)


2 replies on “The Missing File”

Fascinating, the most trustworthy crime novel I have ever read. In addition it helped me to progress my poor English.

One of the best books in the recent years. Congratulations on your amazing talent.

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