The first stand-alone novel by Dror A. Mishani

soon in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Catalan

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The first woman is looking for love, after her husband left her with their son. The second is in search for a home and a sign from God that she’s on the right path. The third is after something completely different. All of them find the same man. They don’t know everything about him because he’s hiding the truth – but they have secrets too.

Written by one of the leading new voices of crime fiction in the world, Three is an original and inventive mystery novel. Once you’ll read it, you’ll understand why it’s impossible to say more about its plot.


– “Dror Mishani writes artful crime fiction”, Tobias Gohlis, Die Zeit, 12\9\2019

– “An exciting and literarty demanding work”, Carsten Hueck, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, 31/8/2019

– ” ‘Drei’ looks as if Daniel Glattauer, Juli Zeh and Ferdinand von Schirach were locked together in a writing cell”, Oliver Jungen, Frankfurter Allgemeine, 29/8/2019 

– “Subtly narrated yet moving novel”, Sylvia Staude,  Frankfurter Rundschau, 28/8/2019

– “A sophistictaed literary ‘machine’ (…) ‘THREE’ is a work written like a Shakespearean play (…) i believe it’ll be remembered as a work that heralded a new-wave in Israeli fiction just as ‘MY MICHAEL’ by Amos Oz did a few decades ago”, Haaretz Book Review, 23/11/2018

– “There’s a buzz around THREE, as if it was the sixth season of Game of Thrones. Well, this buzz is well deserved (…) The twist around which this book is constructed affects not just the content of the novel and its plot but the genre to which the novel belongs (…) If you want a literary murderer, if you want to feel the grip of fingers around your neck, it’s better to be in the hands of a hangman as acute and as gentle as Mishani”, Yedioth Ahronot, 16\11\2018

– “Mishani’s novels, although they respond to ‘crime fiction’ norms, are totally unprecdetnted in the Genre or outside it (…) Mishani develops as an artist from novel to novel and THREE is definitely the peak of his writing, probably the first in many more to come”, Maariv 7\12\2018

– “A beautiful heart-breaking work. On top of being an extraordinairy literary achievement, it’s very suspensful in an unusual way: it has murders and investigation but it has nothing to do with the aritificial thrillers that are flooding the book market”, Israel Today, 16/11/2018


Achuzat Bayit (Israel, November 2018)

Diogenes (German, to be published August 2019)

E/O (Italian, to be published Novmeber 2019)

Gallimard (French, to be published in March 2020)

Riverrun (English UK, to be published in March 2020)

Europa editions (English US, to be published in July 2020)

Anagrama (Spanish, to be published during 2020)

Grup Editorial 62 (Catalan, to be published during 2020)




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