The Man who wanted to know everything

The 3rd Avraham novel

“The man who wanted to know everything”, a sequel to Dror A. Mishani’s international bestsellers, “The Missing File” and “A Possibility of Violence”, is the most daring novel in this acclaimed crime series so far.

Called on a stormy day to his first murder scene as the new commander of investigations, Avraham is astounded to discover he knows the victim: a middle-aged woman who had been assaulted in the past. His only lead is an eyewitness claiming he saw a policeman going down the building’s staircase a few minutes after the murder.

Eager to solve his first murder case, Avraham is determined to follow this lead even though it puts him in conflict with the entire police force. It’ll take him to another strange crime scene, with only an umbrella as a clue, and then to Mazal Bengtson – a young woman who doesn’t know anything about the murder yet is to change everything Avraham thought about the case.

Told through the alternating perspectives of Inspector Avraham and a woman fighting to be freed of her tortured past, “The man who wanted to know everything” is a haunting investigation of marital life gone wrong, and at the same a heart-breaking story of enduring love, endangered by death and unthinkable desire.

What readers wrote :

– “Mishani artfully alternates perspectives to ratchet up the tension in his excellent third procedural featuring introspective Israeli police superintendent Avraham Avraham (…) Fans of Ruth Rendell and P.D. James will be pleased by the nuanced view of human nature (PW, starred review)

– “Once again, Mishani offers a case in which the pleasure lies not in the destination but in the journey” (Kirkus)

– “Mishani weaves the story with perfect style, but beyond his superb skills in plot-contruction he bases the story on his great sensitivity to the human soul” (Talma Admon, MAARIV, 22.5.2015)

– “In a country with truly a few successful crime series, Dror Mishani’s novels are a literary mircale, and each new novel in the Inspector Avraham series is a celebration for the readers. This is true for the third novel as well” (Ran Binun, YEDIOT AHRONOT, 21.5.2015)

– “Mishani did it again (…) Like the first two novels in the series, he wrote a clever thriller that you read very very quickly but that once you’ve finished, you can’t forget” (Anat Bar-Lev Efrati, LAISHA women’s magazine, 14.5.2015)


3 replies on “The Man who wanted to know everything”

What else to say? The same as to first and second Dror´s novels: His typical style, no superman-detective, no stream of blood, no cheap effects, but the real story with real people. Thanks Dror!

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