Excellent reviews for the first Avraham novel upon publication in Sweden and Poland

In the Polish Gazetta Prawna Piotr Kofta writes: “Mishani’s debut is one of the most interesting we saw lately”; In the Swedish Gefle Dagblad writes Anders Wennberg: “Dror Mishani writes in a low voice, but oh, so well. I agree with Henning Mankell’s words: Impressing!”

And then it’s a great honor  to be reviewd In Dast Magazine by Swedish crime writer Jean Bolinder, who writes this: “Every year, I read hundreds of translated crime novels. They may be bad, they can be incredibly good, but they are all fairly similar. It’s rare that you find something truly original. This is such a novel. It crawls under your skin and stays there for a long time”.

(And thanks Nils Larsson, my translator to Swedish, with these reviews:)



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